Customer Reviews

I will definitely use you guys again

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Pat and his guys were awesome. I will definitely use you guys again. Thanks so much for your help!”

Greg E.

We can't say enough about happy we are with how everything went

“Hi Lennon,

“The move went great! Tyler and Amber were the best, really quality people! They took the time to make sure everything was packed and we didn’t have one
thing damaged. Very pleasant people. We can’t say enough about happy we are with how everything went. If we ever move again, I can assure you we would
NEVER do it without Tyler and Amber. We are also pleased at your follow-through. We feel like we had a team that really cared about our stuff and the overall move.

“I hope you pass on our appreciation on to Tyler and Amber. We felt like we had friends with those two. “

Rich Milich

Got exactly what they had ordered

This past weekend TransAmerican Medical Imaging had the opportunity to be the Utah County distribution point for 8,882 cases of Girl Scout Cookies. The cookies were delivered on Friday afternoon to our warehouse. The various Girl Scout Troops started arriving at 8:00 on Saturday morning and by about 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, all of the cookies had been picked up and were on their way to be given to the girls for delivery to their customers.


We had a great crew from Redman Van and Storage doing the work and making sure each troop got exactly what they had ordered. The cookies were hauled away in everything from a 30 foot gooseneck trailer down to a mini van that you couldn’t have stuffed another Do-si-Do or Thin Mint into if your life depended on it. I didn’t see any reports on the news of “Cookies Cause Freeway Accident” so I’m assuming they all got delivered safely.

8,882 Cases of Girl Scout Cookies. Yup, they counted them……Twice.
TransAmerican Medical Imaging

Totally Hassle-Free

“Hi hi. We love it here so far. The moving was totally hassle-free, thanks to this North American team!  Thanks, everyone.”


I give your company a 12 on a score of 1-10


“Thank you so much for sending a great team yesterday!  These guys were amazing and took good care of me and my home.  I appreciate your team listening to my concerns and my needs. I really appreciate you reaching out to the farmers and taking care of them.  I give your company a 12 on a score of 1-10 for the customer service, quick response, and teamwork to make your customers happy 🙂  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!  Good luck with the new baby!”